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Business Partner Table Sponsorship at Membership Meetings

Purpose of this sponsorship is for the BP’s to be able to gain more access with our Realtor members for networking while attending our membership meetings.  The Business partners give much to our Realtor family and this is just a small way to give back to them.

There are 4 membership meetings in the year, however, the installation/banquet meeting (currently held in December) will not be included in this table sponsor offerings since there are several different sponsorship opportunities at that event solely.

This will be a FREE sponsorship opportunity to all BP’s

Sponsorship Includes:

  1. Signage provided by CCAR at the table that they are the sponsoring table.
  2. BP to sit at the table they sponsor.
  3. BP to bring the centerpiece for the table. This will be given to an attendee at the table by the BP with BP to determine on how or who the winner will be.
  4. BP to bring any marketing material they would like to give to attendees at their table.

How it works:

Depending on the number of tables at the event (usually 15 tables) we will have an online registration for any BP that wants to sponsor a table.  Those names will go into an electronic raffle system to see who will get the opportunity to sponsor a table at the next meeting.  Of course, this is only needed if there are more BP’s who want to sponsor than there are tables.  If there are either the same amount of BP’s to tables or less, then this raffle process will not be exercised.

Registration for each meeting will be published and communicated via email to all BP’s at least 4 weeks prior to the membership meeting event date.  Registration will be open for one week.

The raffle drawing (if needed) will be conducted by the EO and those names will be placed into an electronic raffle drawing for fairness.  The decision from the drawing of who will be sponsoring a table will be announced and communicated to the group of registrants at least 2 weeks prior to the membership meeting event date.

In the event that more tables are added to the event because of head count close to the meeting date, then EO will reach out to the BPs that registered but didn’t get selected to see if they are still interested in sponsoring a table. Please be aware that this could mean that ample time to produce items needed to sponsor a table may not be afforded.

If there are unsponsored tables at the membership meeting, those tables will be placed in the back of the room to encourage members to sit at the sponsored tables.

BP’s can extend invites to R members to sit at their sponsored table if they like.  That information will need to be passed on to CCAR staff so reserved signs for seats can be made.